Karl Kases was fascinated by moving images from his very early years on and made his first experimental film in 1965, at the age of 14, with his father's 8mm camera.

At 19 he got his first job as second camera assistant under the great Kitsch-director Franz Antel in the famous "Wien Film Studios".

He then becomes focus puller on his first Hollywood production "Visions of Eight", the official Munich Olympic film from 1972. This gives him the opportunity to work together with the world's eight best directors, each shooting an episode of the movie. Names include Milos Forman, Claude Lelouch and Arthur Penn.

At the age of 26, Karl Kases is cameraman on his first feature film.

For the Bavaria-Film studios he shoots various seasons of "Schimanski-Tatorte" (Moltke, Broken Flowers, The Exchange), then 26-parts of the TV series "The Riddle of the Sands" for Studio Hamburg, a North Sea sailing drama in winter.

As soon as he hears rumors that some episodes of the legendary TV-series „Dallas" in 1988 are planned to be shot in Europe, Karl Kases applies. The producer and director Lenny Katzman, after looking at his showreel, hires him right away as Director of Photography. The great Hollywood adventure can begin for Karl Kases. He moves to America and shoots his first 90-minute TV movie "The War of The Ewings", the "Dallas Reunion Show" with Larry Hagman, Patrick Duffy and Linda Grey.

He is also the director of photography for many international productions, "Mindwalk" with Liv Ullmann, "The Foot Shooting Party" with the young Leonardo Di Caprio, or "Rain Without Thunder" with Jeff Daniels and Linda Hunt.

As Lenny Katzman creates a new TV series, “Walker, Texas Ranger”, starring Chuck Norris, Lenny brings Karl Kases exclusively on board as D.o.P. for 130 episodes. At the same time, several Movies of the Week are being produced for CBS. "The President's Man" Logan's War" or "Sons of Thunder".

In 1998 Karl Kases was appointed by the executive producer Chuck Norris being to direct "Walker, Texas Ranger" and has been a member of the Directors Club of America since then. (DGA)

In 2012 Europe calls him back and Karl Kases moved to Berlin, where he directed more than 20 television films and more than 70 series episodes for ARD Degeto, ZDF, Sat 1 and ORF. But writing novels is his new passion.

  • Author2014

    LUV ME TENDER feature film, screenplay, 120 min, based on the book "The Man Who Truely Loved" by Hera Lind.
  • Author2013

    THE GODDESS feature film, development and screenplay, 120 min, international co-production TP Aggarwal, Mumbai
  • Author2013

    HARTLAND feature film, 120 min, Exposé based on the book by Wolfgang Büscher
  • Author2013 - 2014

    GUEST LECTURER AT ISFF-BERLIN for directing, camera acting and 1st AD
  • Author2012

    LOST IN MUMBAILOST IN MUMBAI feature film, treatment, 120 min for Bollywood Produktion TP Aggarwal, Mumbai Treatment, Kino 120 min für Bollywood Produktion TP Aggarwal, Mumbai
  • Author2011 - 2012

    development and treatment jointly with Gaby Hauptmann

  • Director2010

    HOMELAND FOR SALE ARD/ORF, EPO-FILM starring Henriette Richter-Röhl, Fritz Hammel and others.
  • Director2008

    TIME FOR DREAMS ZDF, Aspekt-Telefilm starring Hannes Jaenicke, Bruno Eyron, Dietmar Schönherr, Anne Brendler and others.
  • Director2008

    ROSAMUNDE PILCHER "Hearts in the Wind" ZDF, FFP New Media, starring Luise Bähr, Andreas Elsholz, Monika Peitsch and others.
  • Director2007

    ROSAMUNDE PILCHER "FOR LOVE AND DESIRE" ZDF, FFP New Media starring Gila von Weiterhausen, Hartmut Becker, Annekathrin Bach and others.
  • Director2006

    OUR FARM IN IRELAND ZDF, Bavaria Studios starring Eva Habermann, Daniel Morgenroth, Klaus Wildbolz and others.
  • Director2005 - 2006

    A LOVE AT GARDA LAKE ZDF, Bavaria Studios 26 teilige TV-Serie starring Andreas Brucker, Christina Beyerhaus, Hartmut Becker and others.
  • Director2005

    DREAM OF HER LIFE ARD Degeto, TV 60 starring Michaela May, Michael Roll, Gerd Silberbauer and others.
  • Director2004

    THROUGH YOUR EYES ARD Degeto, Trebitsch Film starring Barbara Wussow, Christian Kohlund, Pierre Besson and others.
  • Director2002

    THE UNTAMABLE HEART ARD Degeto, Trebitsch Film historic two part feature based on "Angelique" starring Bettina Zimmermann, Stefan Jürgens, Miro Nemec and others
  • Director2002

    THE SCENT OF MONEY SAT 1, Teamworx starring Valerie Niehaus, Mickey Hardt, Bernd Herzsprung and others.
  • Director2001

    LIEBE DARF ALLES SAT 1, Granada Film Two part feature starring Gudrun Landgrebe, Hans Werner Meyer, Miro Nemec and others.
  • Director1999 - 2001

  • Director1998 - 1999

    WALKER, TEXAS RANGER Action-Series, CBS Prime-Time starring Chuck Norris "War Cry", "Swan Song", "Ghost Rider"